img One of the best ways to market your businesses is to showcase it at a reputed business exhibition. It is the perfect way to make your business connect with the world. People buy from other people and the digital world of today presents a unique marketing advantage to businessmen all over the world. They get a chance to interact with potential customers and other business representatives. Event Angles give you the opportunity to interact with leading businesses of the world.

When you bring your requirement to us, we conceptualise an event based on the same. In this manner, we help those individuals who have similar requirements. Sending invites and following up with the invitees are our responsibilities. Branding and image development of your company is an important part of pitching yourself to the world.

B2B business matching also needs to be done for your company. Based on your portfolio, we look to match the companies which can fulfil your needs. Inviting them for the exhibition is again our job. For such events, it is possible to create hype through social media. Event Angels has experts who can carry out Social Media Management for your event. Through Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, one can engage a large number of users all around the world.

During the event, significant attention also has to be given to PR. It is the PR division which can create Press Releases for new products and services showcased at the event. It also has to look at corporate gifting, if that is a part of your event. Event Angles has a special division for PR.

We are the one-stop-shop for your business exhibition. Here is a list of all our services in this field:

  • Event Conceptualisation
  • Branding and Image development
  • Marketing Communications
  • Exhibitors Promotion Campaign
  • International Visitor recruitment
  • Domestic visitor recruitment
  • B2B business matching
  • Social media management
  • Event advocacy & PR services
  • Exhibitor fulfilment services
  • Secretariat management
  • Onsite Show Management Services

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