About us

img Event Angels is one of the leading companies for manpower recruitment in India. Through our pan India presence, we strive to ensure that the right person is present in the right place. Our team of highly experienced recruiters selects manpower for shows, weddings, product launches and just about any event you can think of. We have been in the field of recruitment for 3 years, and we understand the kind of human resources that are required for any organisation.

We understand that humans are the most valuable resources for any organisation, and thereby strive to find the best professionals for you. With appropriate training, it will be assured that you do not face any downtime in the organisation.

Our Vision and View

Our angels came into being in order to connect companies with raw talent in every sector. Every company will want to hand over the responsibilities of their events to trusted professionals, for which we pick the best candidates. We provide temporary manpower for conferences, events and launches.

Brands are built by individuals, and not by machines. It is a concerted marketing effort which helps in establishing any brand. The entire campaign needs to be planned by skilled marketing professionals, and once a team is built, they need to work further on it. New Delhi-based Event Angels supplies manpower for this entire network. We are also into Hospitality Management, especially wedding hospitality.

Mission Statement

To supply high quality manpower and meet the needs of organisations across boards.
For us, no organisation is small or big. We dedicate ourselves to help your company in the same manner, irrespective of its size.

Values and more

Professionalism and safety are always high on our priority list. Our temporary employees will treat your company as their own and will not give your guests a chance to complain. Time management and customer satisfaction also form an integral part of our journey.

Our Honourable Client